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    About Denise Tillmannshofer

    Denise is a graduate of Liberty University with a Masters in Professional Counseling. Denise is a U.S. Air Force veteran, and a seasoned military spouse. She is passionate about the care of those who care for others. She has extensive knowledge and experience working with trauma from natural disasters to physical/emotional/sexual abuse. She specializes in EMDR therapy for trauma, depression, anxiety and prolonged grief. She is devoted to seeing people heal and live their best lives yet. 

    My Mission

    As a therapist, I pride myself on caring for others to the degree I would want to be cared for. Compassion and understanding are my gold standards.  We all have had life experiences that alter and change our thought patterns, some small and personal and some on a global scale.  Regardless of the experience, I strive to help you unlock the chains that have held you back so you can live your best life. From depression and anxiety to complex PTSD and prolonged grief, I will be there by your side as you heal and move forward. 

    I am here for you.

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